How to date a pious girl if you’re non-religious.

Simple. Have an attractive body, understand her, be receptive and perform well in bed so she doesn’t care.

It may be difficult for her religious conditioning to accept atheism. Don’t let it throw you. Your job is to avoid religious discussions and get her to like you for you, no matter what.

One more thing, be solid on view. (Its ok to be hated at first, but add something like, “Love me for me, not some spiritual precept.” (After all, we only live once.)

Be willing, if she’s adamant about religion, to go to church with her at least once to show her it doesn’t change if you go. Be unfazed but kind to churchgoers. Don’t give it away because they will figure it out by your attitude or physical state.

Go to bars, clubs and social events instead to meet women if its too tough in a religious space. Show you don’t care and its not a problem in a real world in your actions and deeds, never words. That’s the state I express.

Good luck cosmicalpha!